September 1, 2017
8 months and 21 days since
our celebration.
Greetings Family,                         

The 2017 Brooks-Lloyd-Horne Family Reunion planning committee is very pleased to announce the details of our 28th reunion! Each year we grow in size, knowledge, and increase in ways of communicating; so we are making an attempt to get more family members connected, share our history, and create new memories.
We are the descendants of the Jasper Brooks and Lizzie Daniels, parents of Elizabeth Brooks (married Needham Horne), grandparents of Charlie “Brooks” Lloyd. Charlie Lloyd had several siblings after his mother married Needham Horne. This tree dates back to the late 1800’s.
The 2017 Brooks-Lloyd-Horne Family Reunion will be held in Tarboro, NC, the town that bears many of our roots. Tarboro is central to and just a short distance away from other surrounding towns like Princeville, Conetoe, Penny Hill, Old Sparta, Coakley, Mildred, Speed, Hobgood, Pinetops, etc. Our headquarters will be The Links at Cotton Valley, where our Saturday and Sunday events will take place.
We are honored to plan and host our Mardi Gras themed family reunion and hope this will be an annual event. We have worked hard to put together a weekend of activities and entertainment that all will enjoy.
The Family Reunion Registration package will include the following: Family Meet and Greet Fish Fry, Carnival Style Cookout, Church Service, and Family Dinner. Anyone with a connection to the Brooks-Lloyd-Horne family is invited. Let’s tell a cousin or a friend! Share the website and letters with them.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any suggestions or questions.
In Family Love,

Talisa Goss Johnson, Chairperson
Your Family Reunion Planning Committee 

2017 Family Reunion Planning Committee

      Talisa Goss Johnson, Chairwoman                    Carolyn Smith, Secretary
      Nekita Boston, Co-Chairwoman                        Ruby Howell, Treasurer
      Bandon Dickens, Co-Chairman                         Bryson Bunns, Co-Teasurer
                                                                                      Sandra Bunns, Co-Treasurer


 Phyllis Knight Whetstone, Sandra Bunns & Carolyn Goss, Advisors

We need your help! Please volunteer to help on these committees:
Food, Activities, Decorations, Program

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